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Giant Subs

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Giant Subs



1.5 ft./46cm


3.0 ft./92 cm


4.5 ft./138 cm


6.0 ft./184 cm


We request 24-hour advance notice to custom bake your choice of bread. Napkins included in all orders. Recommended portions may vary based type and size of group. Please consult the Manager for more information.

Sub Platters
Type Serves

No. of Portions

Sub Platter
(one tray)

5 - 9

4"/10 cm portions

Recommended portions may vary based on type and size of group. Platter is 16"/41 cm in diameter. Call for pricing. Advance notice required. Recommended portions may vary. Please consult the Manager for more information.

Cookies Platter - 36 Cookies

Available in 1.5 ft./3 ft./4.5 ft/6 ft. our giant subs are made on your choice of freshly baked bread. Sandwich selections may include one or a variety of our hot or cold deli meats and/or seafood. Most popular are Turkey Breast, Roasted Chicken, Tuna, Paneer Tikka or Aloo Patty.

You may choose any or all of our fresh vegetables on your Giant Sub, and specify whether you want condiments on the sandwich or on the side. Cheese is included.

All Subway Platters are prepared on a variety of freshly baked gourmet breads.

Standard SUBWAY Restaurant vegetables on your platter include your choice of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, capsicum, black olives, onions and jalapenos.

An assortment of Subway select sauces, Mayonnaise and Mustard is supplied with each Giant Sub and Platter.

6 grams of fat or less*

Includes bread, veggies and meat. Addition of condiments or cheese alters nutritional content.

fresh TOASTED at no extra charges



Limited area of delivery

Minimum order value Rs.200/-

Delivery only in selected areas of Chennai, India

Menu and prices are subject to change without notice

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