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Pink Papaya Academy - The Pink of My Health

The Pink Papaya Academy is the training wing of the Pink Papaya Foods Pvt. Ltd. The academy focuses its activities on human development, leadership and training. The training program of the company is called the Pink of My Health.

The company believes that the greatest asset it has is its human resource. Hence it has established the Pink Papaya Academy with a mission to nurture and develop the right human resource, shape the lives and careers of its staff, awaken their latent potential and innovative spirits and stoke in them the passion for excellent customer service.

The academy creates for its employees the best ambience for the adventure of learning and creative self-discovery and bring in a culture of customer and employee delight.

The training package focuses on the understanding of self and promotes a change in the attitudes and behavior. Such a change in attitude will bring in better customer delight and make the Pink Papyan the best employee in the industry.

The Academy organizes the Pink of My Health Training from Monday to Thursday of every week for its crew members. The managers attend the Pink of My Health program on every Friday. Every week from Monday to Wednesday the Academy conducts technical training called the Papaya Tech for its staff. Every Tuesday the academy organizes the Goal Strategy Meeting (GSM) for the high level staff. GSM is a forum to think creatively and bring out the best business strategies and practices. On the first Saturday of every month the Papayans gather together to felicitate the Pink Panthers. The Pink Panthers are those who achieve the monthly sales targets. During the felicitation ceremony they share with others their best practices and strategies that helped them to win the battle. On the last Saturday of every month the academy organizes the Pink Pongs’ Day when the employees gather around the birthday celebrants of that month to felicitate them and join them in celebrating their birthdays. It is a mixture of learning, fun and happiness.

The Academy awards the participants of the training programs with very attractive certificates of participation. Certificates and incentives are also offered to the Best Employee of the Month and to the Pink Panthers ( those who achieve the weekly and monthly targets in sales).

The Academy recruits the best people, empowers them, creates in them a positive attitude and makes them fit for life and work.

6 grams of fat or less*

Includes bread, veggies and meat. Addition of condiments or cheese alters nutritional content.

fresh TOASTED at no extra charges



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